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Contractors, Project Owners, and Design Professionals

From licensing, permitting and defect litigation, construction can be one of the most heavily regulated -- and litigated -- professions.  With a background in construction, Firm attorney Mark A. Hanson has successfully represented dozens of contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in construction law disputes ranging from alleged workmanship defects to no pay complaints.  The Firm takes a proactive approach to protecting its clients, working with them to craft effective contracts and subcontracts that help minimize risk and maximize receivables.

Firm attorneys have worked with owners, contractors, and design professionals on projects including semiconductor plants, professional football stadiums, transportation projects, and custom homes.


Firm attorneys possess extensive experience before the Registrar of Contractors, and have prevailed in numerous ROC Complaints and administrative hearings.  When your license and livelihood are on the line, an experienced construction law attorney can make all the difference.


Mr. Hanson has also volunteered with the Alliance for Construction Excellence, a non-profit industry panel affiliated with Arizona State University’s Del E. Webb School of Construction, and devoted to improving the design and delivery of public works and other large construction projects.

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