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Native Nations

The Ledbetter Law Firm has decades of experience defending the sovereignty of Indian Nations. The Members of the Firm understand Tribal Litigation, politics, and the importance of giving Indian Nations the respect that they have earned. The Members of the Firm have developed long-standing relationships with Tribal Leaders, and we work to connect Tribal Leaders to opportunities, which are available in the corporate world.

The Firm also represents large corporations and business interests on various Indian Nations, and assists its clients in understanding and working harmoniously within the unique cultures and legal systems of Indian Nations.

Attorneys of the Firm are licensed to practice before the Navajo Nation, the Yavapai-Apache Nation, Colorado River Indian Community, Gila River Indian Community, Hualapai Tribe, Hopi Tribe, San Carlos Apache Tribe, the White Mountain Apache Tribe, and Tohono O'odham Nation.

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